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emergency message

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Subject: EAS Compatibility (Re: [emergency] CAP-related Comments)

At 3:16 PM -0400 10/14/03, Walid Ramadan wrote:
>12. Addition of fields to CAP in order to allow the receiving device to
>generate an EAS activation based on a CAP message.

Additional fields aren't actually required.  A fully functional EAS 
interface was demo'd last month in DC using only existing elements 
(specifically, the <code>, <expires>, <parameter> and <geocode> 
elements).  That method was used to trigger various EAS devices while 
maintaining compatibility and interoperability in a network of nine 
different implementers (five of whom were also TC members.)

I'd be happy to draft an Implementation Note on this specific 
application if folks think it's appropriate.

- Art

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