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Subject: RE: Notes from the October 21, 2003 GIS SC teleconference

Notes from the October 21, 2003 GIS SC teleconference
In attendance: Carl Reed, Jeff Booth (Michael Baker/FEMA), Gary Hamm, Tom M, Rex Brookes
1. Carl notified the group that he would not be able to attend/chair the November 11th 2003 teleconference. He will be overseas. However, the group agreed, that if necessary, they would hold the teleconference anyway.
2. Jeff Booth provided an excellent summary of the history of the US Government work on EM Symbology. Following is my synopsis. I am sure I missed some items, so I apologize in advance.
A couple of years ago, Scott McAfee (FEMA) asked Michael Baker to review what symbology was available and has been used for use by first responders and the emergency services community. This work provided the background for the Kent State study, which members of the EM TC should be aware of. This work lead to collaboration of FEMA (as a member) with the FGDC to form a Homeland Security WG of the FGDC. A primary focus of this WG is defining a set of EM symbologies (art work) for the first responder and ES community. A number of other interested parties, including NSGIC, Bill Burgess (New Jersey(, Census, NIMA, DTRA, and Energy, have been involved in the FGDC effort. This group reviewed different symbology sets and specifications. They decided to bound the assessment so that only point features were considered. They also bounded the analysis based on some data models/specifications (HIFLD, e.g.). They iterated a set of symbols based on requirements for the larger community. The WG then contracted with U of Maryland to do the art work. Overall, the majority of the work has been voluntary. Once the work is completed and the results reviewed, may submit to ANSI. Yesterday, the symbology set was made available to the State of Maryland (80 some organizations in the State) for a 10 day evaluation. Los Angeles EM Services is also doing a 10 day evaluation.
3. Carl has an outstanding action WRT to liaison activities with the OGC. Carl initiated the dialogue today.
4. Rex spent a few minutes has requirements for a demonstration portal and asked if any of the EM symbols could be made available for this demonstration. That conversation was taken off line
Carl Reed

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