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emergency message

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Subject: EMIF MEETING MINUTES 10.29.03

The committee convened at its appointed time.
Items discussed included:
1. Committee recommendations regarding inclusion of <type> elements in all EM-TC specifications going forward.
2. Committee recommendations regarding the inclusion of facilities for multiple transport mechanisms in all EM-TC specifications going forward.
3. Near-term inclusion of specification language accommodating "broadcast" delivery of CAP 1.0.
4. Use of the phrase "Transport mechanism" as an accurate descriptor.      
Action items:
1. The committee will deliver a written recommendation to the EM-TC regarding processes associated with items 1, 2 and 3 by COB 10.31.03.
2. The committee recommends that "Transport mechanisms" be discarded in favor of "Patterns and Capacities," as it feels the new phrase more accurately describes the goal set.
Next meeting: Wed 11.5.03 at 9 PST/11CST/12 EST on 800.453.7412 #604776
For the Committee
R.A. Carlton

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