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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 11/11 Call

Just a friendly reminder that we have a call today at noon to start going over the list of CAP issues. I just uploaded a document, based on the template Rex graciously sent, with the issue list. You will need to access the EM TC Member Page and click on the Documents link to see it - its in the "Resources" folder.

I have added in as much info as I could, based on the original list Walid pulled together. I also added a new issue (#29), that was the result of having to go through these issues and re-read the spec again. It is something we should probably ask ourselves first, because it could change how (or rather where) we handle changes we decide to incorporate.

See you all on the call at 12pm EST!

Dial in: 1.800.453.7412
Access Code: 604776


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