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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2003.12.18

Had a quorum and we worked on the following issues:

Issue 1 (Resolved): only a brief discussion around this point, which
could be summed up to say that the spec and the group is silent on the
issue it is left up to the implementor.

Issue 7/9 (Need More Info): IF SC still working on some language, which
will be sent to the group shortly.

Issue 22 (Need More Info): I still need to circulate a proposal.

Issue 23 (Resolved): Art comments the original motivation behind the use
cases in the spec were for historical purposes. The group also discusses
that the examples were more "real world". General thoughts were that it
would be valuable to have examples (not necessarily the ones we have)
line up with use cases (again, not necessarily the ones we have), but
this is a minor issue. As such, we are going to leave as is.

Issue 24 (Amend): group voted to amend this by replacing instances of
RFC 2119 words in caps where appropriate. Art, since he is closest with
the spec, is going to go through each of these, since it is not a simple
search and replace.

Issue 25 (Amend): group voted to amend - going to add "The use of the
words "warning", "alert", and "notification" are used interchangeably
throughout this document" in the Terminology section of the spec.

Issue 26 (Need More Info): various talk about what this attribute in a
schema means. Allen to send links to XML Schema that describes. Appears
that changing to unqualified (default) removes this as being an issue,
but group needs to review.

Issue 27 (Reject): The spec contains optional fields that handle these

Issue 28 (Future Version): In principle there is no reason that RDF can
not be added to the current CAP version. It will be considered for a
future version.

Issue 29 (Need More Info): I still need to forward a new example.

For Issues 10 - 21, Rick will be forwarding me the necessary information
from the last meeting, so I can update the spreadsheet. In the meantime,
I will go ahead and update with my current draft.

Finally, we decided that we will not have a meeting during the Christmas
week since it would probably be hard to achieve a quorum. 


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee

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