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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] EM brouhaha (aka Issue #26)

At 9:53 AM -0500 12/30/03, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>So, in regards to CAP 1.0, which only
>has 1 global element (<alert>) and does not import, I would propose we
>address the comment by simply adding something like the following -
>maybe in the Implementation Notes section (3.3):
>"In order to ensure the correct determination of the appropriate
>namespace in an instance document, and as defined in the schema in
>Section 3.4, all CAP elements MUST be qualified."

What would the implication of this be if someone did want to import 
items from another schema?  Would we still have that option?  Seems 
like we'd want to preserve it.

Also, I think the word "qualified" is sufficiently 
ambiguous/overloaded that, if we need to address this in a note, we 
might want to include an example of exactly what we mean.

- Art

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