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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2003.12.30

1. Issue 9 (Amend): as always, we have a wonderfully colorful discussion
around the proposed
language to include a new derefUri element for base-64 encoded data
content of the resource file. Voted to include this language and
associated schema addition. Both Allen Wyke and Rob Torchon voted
against, citing that we did not fully understand the ramifications yet.

2. Issue 7 (Future Version): with Issue 9 complete, this was voted on -
needs additional research from the IF SC, but is not critical for 1.0.

3. Issue 22 (Need More Info): group agreed that 1 - 4 and 6 - 9 of the
were good to address. Allen needs to go back and ensure the patterns are
correct and circulate one last time. Item 5 (limiting the characters of
<cap:headline>) did not, at this time, need to happen, so it will not be

4. Issue 26 (Future Version): voted to consider the qualification of
elements in a future version as needed. Basically, we did not want to
prevent anything until we knew more, which would come after 1.0 is out
the door.

5. Issue 29 (Future Version): voted to consider for future version of
CAP or implementation notes.

6. F2F: we agreed to start planning for the F2F to be in New Orleans
April 28th and 29th. Allen will send more info when he hears from OASIS
about the final location and details.

7. Canceled call for Thursday, since it is New Years Day. Will meet
again next Tuesday.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee

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