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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.01.06

Issue 19: went over the discussion from last call - Carl joined and said he would send out this week. He is exchanging some information with the OGC guys to seek some guidance.

Issue 22: Rex motions to vote on these next week - no objections from group. Allen to send out other items during that time.

Meeting Schedule: will meet ONLY on Tuesdays until final 2 CAP issues are complete. Will try to wrap CAP issues up next week though. SO, NO Thurs. meetings going forward.

Imp Guide: MSG SC is going to take on. Members with comment should join the MSG SC as an Observer, so they can send messages to the group.

Outreach/Public Forum/etc: some random discussion on how best to facilitate our interaction with the public in regards to CAP. Art will graciously be continuing his hosting of the http://www.incident.com/cap/ site, and the 2 associated email lists. Some thoughts exchanged on formalizing the PowerPoint he has used in the past to talk/present CAP to others. Nothing formal here yet - just brainstorming.


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