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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 1/27 Call

Hello all - I got an emails and vmail about a call today, it appears there was some confusion about the next meeting. As a reminder, we discussed keeping the weekly Tues meetings until the final 2 CAP issues were finished (http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200401/msg00005.html), and then we (the entire TC that is) would go back to once every two weeks. Since those issues were voted on and resolved last week, our next meeting is next Tuesday.

Now, back to the outstanding items we have....

1. CAP 1.0 To OASIS Standard?: After finishing the last two issues, we needed to decide if we were going to move CAP 1.0 forward in the OASIS process, or wait until some implementations had been created to influence and further define 1.0 until we came out with 1.0-next (1.1, etc.) and submit that one. Anyway, I posed the question (top of http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200401/msg00016.html) on whether to wait until we had the final CAP 1.0 doc with all edits applied or do it now. All that replied asked to wait, so we will make a decision on this after the meeting next week - I will create a Ballot in Kavi to track this.

2. CAP 1.0: Art is pulling together the edits from our list of issues. Per the last meeting (http://www.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200401/msg00014.html), he hopes to have that heading back our way by 1/27 (next Tues). Special thanx to Art to incorporating these - remember one of them has him going through the Data Dictionary and capitalizing the appropriate RFC 2119 terms, so it is no small task in taking the time to do this.

3. CAP Implementer's Guide: Rex is heading up this effort. Please direct thoughts, comments, or other information to the emergency-msg@lists.oasis-open.org list. As a reminder, you will need to join that SC in order to post comments and thoughts too it.

4. Update EM TC Requirements Doc: this was something I started to do, and was <sheepishly>suppose to have done by now</sheepishly>, to better reflect and focus the group now that we almost have 1 year under our belt and CAP has moved forward. I will be working on this over the next couple of weeks, so if you have any thoughts or comments please let me know.

5. Infrastructure SC: Rick and that SC have had a lot going on since its inception, and they have sent out some recommendations to the greater TC in regards to infrastructure components on transport/message exchange. With that information now in our hands, we need to make some final decisions on how we intend to use this work as it applies to all of our efforts (current and future). Rick, if you could reply to this email with 1) a list of documents you guys have finished, 2) pointers to the most recent versions, and 3) a summary of how, in the eyes and recommendations of the IF SC, all of these fit together, we can ensure we do not get in a rat hole on one document, because we do not see the big picture. 

6. ICS 201: work was started and quiet a bit completed in creating an XML representation of this ICS form. If Rex and/or Art can give us a current update on this work and where it stands, we can move forward with working on it.

7. GIS SC Update: general update from Carl and his group. They have been in more of a supporting role with CAP, but have also started looking into relationships with the OGC and reviewing the FEMA Symbology work.

And I think that is it. Lot to cover next week, so lets discuss as much as possible in email.


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