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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.01.27 Call

[Go-Forward Meeting Time]
* We are going to stay with 12:00 EST going forward thru end of 2004. I
will go ahead and add an entry in Kavi.

* Some discussions around GIS and MSG meeting times on the weeks in
between. Those groups will send out updates as to their meetings going

[F2F In New Orleans]
* Allen to talk to OASIS and try and get confirmation on what days we
have available to us. I am shooting for 8am - 12pm on that Wed, and will
let you know as soon as I have this confirmed. More info on the
conference, for which YOU MUST REGISTER, go to:

* Rick: that conference would be good for your group to present at - is
there something you guys can put together for it? Here is the second
call for papers:

* Item 1 (Move to OASIS Standard): In regards to moving CAP 1.0 forward
from Committee Draft to OASIS Standard, Allen to put up a Ballot for the
team to vote on.

* Item 2 (CAP 1.0 Doc): Allen comments that CAP should be 1.0, not 1.0.1
- those are different. Rex adds additional supporting comments. Art will
circulate slightly updated doc with 1.0 version, but will hold until
Thursday to accommodate any other minor edits.

* Item 3 (Implementer's Guide): Rex hasn't formally announced - just
reminder to send comments for Rex to pull together. Art comments to try
and keep thoughts focused on questions that need to be answered, rather
than provide solutions, which is a good idea for the first pass. Let's
collect the issues first, and then work together to decide the best

* Item 4 (Requirements Doc): Allen talked to Rick yesterday about this.
He will be pulling together the IFSC thoughts, based on their work from
the last year, and provide feedback. Art, Rex, and Carl asked to send
comments as well.

* Item 5 (IFSC Update): Rick was not on the call - will postpone until
next meeting.

* Item 6 (ICS 201): has been on hold with focus on CAP and David Hall
leaving. Rex comments that since it is a Government form, it seems like
us taking this on is a little presumptuous (we have talked about this
before actually, but I was unable to find any minutes to link to
reflecting such), but thinks it is important. The IEEE 1512.2 group
(incident management) is looking at this as well (from Tom M), and there
probably needs to be a liaison. Rex says he will take this on. Tom is
going to send email to their team and do the intros.

* Item 7 (GIS-SC Update): really just focused on semantics right now,
but that has led into discussions on registries, etc. with symbology.
Carl is going to send info about the OGC Registry Services, and
Art/Eliot were going to look into apply/using with CAP. Allen mentions
that OASIS also has a registry effort underway, but it appears (per Rex)
to be in the early phases.

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee 

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