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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [CAP] How do you properly indicate "Nothing Interesting?"

At 8:46 AM -0500 3/3/04, Darrell Ernst wrote:
>The discussion going on here is a healthy one.  It is also illustrative, to
>wit, it implies the need for some form of "implementer's guide."

Absolutely.  An implementation guide is on the workplan for the OASIS 
Emergency Management Technical Committee.  It's been delayed largely, 
IMHO, by a simple lack of member staff time to do the work.

There's also been a parallel effort within the "TC" to address 
infrastructure issues, but that's not as far along yet.  As we've 
seen, the CAP message format can be applied in a lot of contexts, and 
a lot of the implementation questions have as much to do with the 
particular transport environment as with the CAP payload itself.

At that level we're still learning by experience.. and given the 
urgency of the need for improved coordination in homeland security 
and public safety, and the inevitable diversity of systems in a large 
and open society, I'm not sure there's any other way it could be.

Now that the initial specification is out for a full OASIS vote and 
more folks are experimenting with it, we're getting the benefit of a 
lot of fresh eyes on the problem.  Those inputs and conversations 
will be crucial in surfacing issues that need to be better addressed 
or just better explained.

I'm hoping this email list will continue to serve as a mechanism for 
connecting the larger community of implementers and users in an open 
give-and-take with the folks who're doing the formal standards work.

- Art

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