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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Agenda for today's TC meeting

Rex -

Unfortunately I may not be able to get out of a meeting for today's 
call.  Another item I'd like to suggest for your agenda is getting 
the factsheet document we drafted a couple of weeks ago at Jaime 
Clark's suggestion posted on the TC page.  If there's nobody 
available who has the keys to the webpage, maybe it ought at least be 
posted as a document.

Also, regarding:
>This does not mean, however, that it is wise or prudent to ignore or 
>disregard comments.

I haven't heard anyone suggest that comments be either ignored or 
disregarded.  There is, however, a question of when it's most 
appropriate to engage such comments.  My own sense is that we should 
continue to accumulate whatever inputs come in through the balloting 
period and then address them all in an orderly fashion at the end of 
the voting period.  Otherwise we risk creating confusion in the 
balloting process.

- Art

>Hi Folks,
>I apologize for getting this out so late, but I was seeking further 
>guidance, as well as making sure I included what was needed to be 
>able to discuss current issues:
>Here's the agenda as best I can construct it:
>Old Business:
>1. Generating and publishing material supporting CAP vote.
>	1a. Tom Merkle has this venue and information:
>I have received permission from Robin Cover (OASIS) to use the CAP 
>announcement on the web page in this month's CapWIN Connection 
>newsletter that is due out soon. The newsletter is set out via list 
>server and may also be viewed at 
><http://www.capwin.org>http://www.capwin.org. While most of the 
>government users are aware of the CAP progress, the announcement CAP 
>is moving into the production XML environment tool kit is welcome 
>news. I will write additional articles concerning the use of CAP in 
>the DHS, Justice, and Transportation communities as CAP is 
>integrated into those environments. Justice is using the CAP in 
>their Global Justice XML Data Dictionary (GJXDD), which is part of 
>the Global Justice Data Model (GJXDM). The transportation community 
>will be able to make use of the CAP through the IEEE 1512.2 Public 
>Safety Incident Management Message Sets for Center to Center 
>Messaging standard which utilizes the CAP through the GJXDD.
>Tom Merkle
>	1b. Rex Brooks has this venue and information from 
>Christopher Lakey at Image Matters LLC, vouched for by Carl Reed:
>ImageMatters produces a web site and monthly newsletter for Sun and 
>ESRI on topics related to java and location services.  If you're 
>interested, you could put together a set of articles for a featured 
>newsletter.  I am not sure what the current subscription and traffic 
>trends are, but it's mostly industry people.
><http://www.jlocationservices.com/>http://www.jlocationservices.com/ for 
>a look at the site and past newsletters.
>2. Reports from Subcommittees
>	2a. Who now speaks for IF?
>		Rick Carlton has resigned and Michael Wilson is now 
>in Observer status.
>	2b. GIS (related issue under public-comments for USNG-NAD8383 
>Common Operational Picture for EM/ES Through Location 
>Interoperability message.)
>	2c. Msg-Notification
>3. Registries?
>New Business:
>1. New Chair for IF?
>2. Public-Comments Messages: From Archive:
>Note that according to OASIS TC Process, there is no requirement 
>that comments made to the public comments list be addressed during 
>the voting process. The rules, excerpted below, are located at
>If at the end of the voting period at least 15 percent of the voting 
>membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, then if no 
>votes have been cast to disapprove the proposed standard, it shall 
>become an OASIS Standard immediately following the end of the voting 
>period. However, if negative votes amounting to less than 15 percent 
>of the voting membership have been cast, the TC will be notified of 
>the negative votes, after which the TC shall have 30 days to take 
>one of the following actions by resolution: (a) request OASIS TC 
>Administration to approve the specification as submitted despite the 
>negative votes; (b) withdraw the submission entirely; or (c) submit 
>an amended specification, in which case the amended submission shall 
>be considered as if it were a new submission, except that 
>information regarding previous votes and any disposition of comments 
>received in previous votes shall accompany the amended submission.
>If at the end of the voting period less than 15 percent of the 
>voting membership has voted to approve the proposed standard, or if 
>at the end of the voting period 15 percent or more of the voting 
>membership has voted to disapprove the proposed standard, or if the 
>originating TC upon notification of negative votes takes no formal 
>action within the 30 days allocated for consideration of the 
>results, then the specification shall not become an OASIS Standard. 
>This shall not prevent a later version of the same specification 
>from being submitted again as specified in this section.
>This does not mean, however, that it is wise or prudent to ignore or 
>disregard comments. Further guidance has been sought, as of Monday 
>morning March 8, 2004 but not received as of the time this message 
>is posted.
>All messages that have been posted to public-comments since the 
>announcement of CAP approval voting are located:
>The threads that have been raised since the CAP specification was 
>announced as seeking an OASIS approval vote:
>Threads:	Bad Examples in CAP Spec (UPPERCASE is bad human factors)
>	How do you properly indicate "Nothing Interesting?"
>	Unique Message Identifiers in CAP
>	Who can issue CAP alerts?
>	CAP and attribute-free encodings...
>	Normative References in the CAP Specification
>	What does a CAP date look like?
>	Fwd: RE: USNG-NAD83 - Implementing a Common 
>OperationalPictureforEM/ES Through Location Interoperability
>Rex Brooks
>Rex Brooks
>GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
>W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
>Email: rexb@starbourne.com
>Tel: 510-849-2309
>Fax: By Request

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