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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.03.23

Elysa Jones joined the call today and asked to sit in on behalf of PPW 
in Art's absence. As described in the section "Who Is The Member?" in 
the TC Guidelines 
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#memberrules), this 
is not permitted. With agreement of the group and some leeway with the 
rules defined in the "Meeting Participation" section of the TC 
(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#meetings), the 
group agreed to allow Elysa observe the meeting. As a side note, we 
would certainly welcome a formal membership as well!

1. Face-to-Face: due to the fact that we will only have 7 people 
attending and not enough members to form a quorum, we will just meet 
informally in New Orleans. Allen will (have already actually) notify 
OASIS, so they can allow another TC to use the space we had reserved. 
As it stands, let's just plan on meeting for breakfast at 8am at the 
hotel. We can decide where to go from there.

2. Charter: Allen brought up that it is probably time, now that all the 
deliverable dates have passed and we have a year under our belt, to 
evolve the Charter to more accurately reflect where we are today and 
where we are going. Rex brought up that we should be sure to get some 
of the thoughts floated at the last meeting in the Charter. 
Specifically, how our work plays with NIMS - they identify some gaps 
that we may want to consider as next steps. Allen points out that this 
might be better served in the Requirements Document, as the Charter 
should try to stay agnostic of specific implementations/areas of 
applicability, as NIMS is only one of the things for us. Allen will 
work on a draft, which will serve as a starting point for this 

3. Requirements Document: Allen has received no additional comments or 
suggestions, but has finished most of his own editing. Will send this 
out before the next meeting to act as a starting point for the 
discussion. As a side note, this may be a good thing to work on in New 

4. SC Updates:

[MSG - Rex]
See their minutes posted here:


Some discussion on when to take up dealing with the comments, which 
should be addressed after the voting is finished. Points out that we 
are not obligated to respond to public comments, but we are to voting 
members. Regarding ICS 201, we still have not figured out if we can 
take "ownership" of developing a schema for it.. Tom mentions that IEEE 
was looking into it, but it might not be a bad idea to check with the 
Office of Disaster Preparedness. Tom M. going to look into this.

[GIS - Carl]
Regarding WGS 84, the decision is to leave as is for 1.0 - has sent 
email to list. You can read the various posts here:


Tom had some conversations with Critical Infrastructure Protection 
(John Cummings/John Hoyt)  - about us helping them. Comments that we 
need to solidify their expectations though. Tom will talk to them about 
this. They have the Statement of Work the IF SC developed. Rick 
discussed how their work really validates/supports/helps the importance 
of the IF SC. Some issues with DHS determining their own identity, etc. 
As such, Tom and Rick will Co-Chair the IF SC and get it moving again! 
No objections from anyone to them chairing, so its official. Rick is 
going to go back and make sure all operational documents (committee 
docs) are in the documents. Rex joins the group as well.

As a side note, brought on from the lack of comments some of the IF SC 
work has seen, Allen reminds everyone to being sure to use the list to 
debate. While offline conversations happen, we need to capture as much 
as we can for ALL EM TC on the list itself. Carl points out that they 
are legally defendable. Rex also agrees.

5. CAP: Rex will be in charge of the public face of CAP, so any 
"marketing" needs should be routed through him. Note that this does not 
mean he does all the work - just that he is the go-to person. He will 
circulate out-bound communication to group for approval before sending 
anything out.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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