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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] NewsBriefs, articles, notes for publicationrelease in jlocationservices

Thanks, Allen,

Neil has contributed another ppt on "The Roads to NIMS" which, with 
the one I did gives a more complete picture of how DMIS fits into the 
scheme of things, as one channel for distributing CAP messages. I 
wish I could have gotten all this into publication, but as I said, 
regardless of the outcome of the vote, we now have some materials 
ready for the support operation whether we are encouraging adoption 
or supporting a resubmission, or whatever actually comes about. It's 
nice to know we would have made it, if the editor wasn't out this 


At 4:33 PM -0500 3/29/04, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>Both of these look great!
>As a side note, in reference to Eliot's article, he does an 
>excellent job of putting a, for lack of a better phrase, "marketing 
>spin" on CAP without getting into the technical details. Have said 
>such, however, evolving other documentation/materials/etc., such as 
>the planned Implementer's Guide to support those statements, while 
>not required, would go a long way to validate "how" to apply CAP in 
>these situations.
>On Mar 28, 2004, at 3:06 PM, Rex Brooks wrote:
>>Hi Folks,
>>While I can't yet guarantee that my contact, Christopher Lakey, 
>>will be able to get a special issue of the jlocations newsletter on 
>>CAP out by Monday afternoon-evening, I have not received the word 
>>to just let it slide, so I am going to supply herein the one thing 
>>I am writing, a newsbrief-report on the "Interoperability Now!" 
>>event March 11, along with an attached article included in a post 
>>from Eliot Christian recently, and a few notes about what I have 
>>put together so far. I have asked Eliot for permission to republish 
>>the article, and won't use without that permission. I doubt I would 
>>have time to paraphrase and then attribute my paraphrasing, and I 
>>certainly don't have time to build my own article at this time.
>>I am also explaining what else I am trying to include.
>>I will use our Fact Sheet with a brief introduction for the main 
>>feature. It is fairly short and easy to grasp.
>>This Introduction contains a reference and link to the Cover Pages 
>>article on CAP which is very informative and authoritative. I will 
>>repeat that in the set of links for for the issue to sources and 
>>I have a url for the notice about CAP in the recently published 
>>CapWIN newsletter, which will be included in the set of links for 
>>the issue to sources and references.
>>I have sent a message to DMIS asking for permission to excerpt from 
>>their presentation to this TC last May 21, 2003. slides 5, 6, 7, 8, 
>>9, 10, 20 with a very brief description of DMIS and what an 
>>interoperability service is.
>>If I were to receive the other reports, I would happy to include them.
>>Here is my very brief report on Interoperability Now!
>>Interoperability Now!
>>  by Rex Brooks, co-chair, OASIS EM (Emergency Management) Messages 
>>and Notification Subcommittee (SC)
>>Much of the following report is excerpted from a recent message by 
>>Art Botterell, co-chair, OASIS EM Messages and Notification SC, to 
>>the mailing list he maintains for the working group which began the 
>>work of developing The Common Alerting Protocol, CAP, which was 
>>subsequently brought under the aegis of the OASIS Emergency 
>>Management Technical Committee.  The Interoperability Now! event, 
>>held March 11, 2004, which included a demonstration of CAP 
>>interoperability, was organized by Congressmember Carl Weldon 
>>following a similar demonstration during the Global Homeland 
>>Security Conference held in Washington D.C.  September 24-26, 2003.
>>The Interoperability Now! event highlights the current context of 
>>CAP. The Emergency Management Technical Committee of the 
>>international Organization for the Advancement of Structured 
>>Information Standards (OASIS) has voted to approve The CAP 1.0 
>>Committee Draft for submission as a standard to OASIS. It's 
>>currently being voted upon by the OASIS member organizations.
>>  Recently, the ComCARE Alliance and the Emergency Interoperability 
>>Consortium took CAP to Capitol Hill on March 11th, 2004.  As part 
>>of a program called "Interoperability Now!" an operating network of 
>>CAP-based applications were shown to legislators, staff and agency 
>>representatives in the Rayburn House Office Building.  Participants 
>>in the CAP demo included the DHS DMIS (Disaster Management 
>>Interoperability Services) program, MyStateUSA, Warning Systems 
>>Inc., the Contra Costa County (CA) Community Warning System and 
>>mobileFoundations, Inc.
>>  According to Art Botterell, a member of the OASIS Emergency 
>>Management Technical Committee and a participant in Partnership for 
>>Public Warning, attended the event and reported that David Aylward 
>>of ComCARE described it as "CAP's debutante ball, saying, " It did 
>>feel a bit like that, actually."
>>Art reported that  "the technology demonstration also featured the 
>>"E-Safety Network" and the "Emergency Provider Access Directory" 
>>projects being spearheaded by ComCARE members ... systems for 
>>geospatial imaging and radio/telephone interconnection ...  It was 
>>preceded by a series of panel sessions covering various aspects of 
>>standards-based interoperable  communication. ..."
>>  Among the notable news that Art collected was the item that, "Pete 
>>O'Dell of the Oregon RAINS project dropped by the demo event to 
>>mention that they've now processed over 87,000 CAP messages in 
>>their system. ..." and "... Elsewhere, the California Office of 
>>Emergency Services has issued a contract to update its Emergency 
>>Digital Information Service system to more fully integrate CAP. 
>>  Art also reports to his list that "... we've been contacted by a 
>>research team in Western Australia who're putting together a 
>>CAP-based integrated warning methodology demo Down Under.
>>  Art noted in closing his message, "...we're bringing CAP from 
>>concept to reality, faster than expected but not sooner than we 
>>need it . ..."
>>Gary Ham, of DMIS, and an OASIS Emergency Management Technical 
>>Committee member, also attended the event as a participant in the 
>>demonstration which consisted of two demonstration networks, the 
>>DMIS transport system which provides a CAP API which can be used 
>>via SOAP in a web services-based implementation for sending and 
>>receiving CAP alert messages, and the ComCARE E-Safety EMERGENCY 
>>PROVIDER ACCESS DIRECTORY (EPAD), which can receive CAP alert 
>>messages through an intelligent message broker service.  Gary 
>>reported that the event was well-attended.
>>  Included in the demonstration was a mobile computer backpack which 
>>points toward one of the next challenges to interoperability of 
>>emegency response capabilities, sending and receiving updates from 
>>rapidly evolving emergency sites. Thus, future considerations were 
>>included within the overall theme of the "Interoperability Now!" 
>>Well, that's what there is of it at this particular moment in time. 
>>I would love to say that it might expand before I could report it 
>>back to y'all, but I can't.
>>If you see showstoppers in here somewhere, it would be best to let 
>>me know. I plan to to send it off this evening.
>>Rex Brooks
>>  GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
>>  W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
>>  Email: rexb@starbourne.com
>>Tel: 510-849-2309
>>Fax: By Request
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>R. Allen Wyke
>Chief Technology Officer

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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