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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Media Questions Regarding CAP

Thanks Allen,

It is good that we have a TC meeting scheduled Tuesday, so we can all 
get on the same page together as regards these issues. It would not 
be surprising at all if we got contacted by the press.


At 11:33 AM -0500 4/2/04, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>Now that CAP's voting results have been announced, that it is 
>possible we will get calls from magazines, papers, etc. in regards 
>to interviews etc. This is just a reminder that those questions 
>request, per the TC Guidelines 
>(http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#media), should 
>be filtered my way or Rex's as he agreed to help in the outbound 
>communication department at the last meeting (see #5 at 
>We will work with the TC and OASIS to ensure we have a constant and 
>consistent message, and that we are properly following their process.
>Thanx - Allen
>R. Allen Wyke
>Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC
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Rex Brooks
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