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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] CAP Files wanted

If Allen sets up a separate directory in our TC documents sections, 
we can all upload them there.

Q: Kon, are you just interested in any XML file, or application 
area-specific files, such as fire-related, aviation-related,  tornado 
warnings, etc?

I could see where having a set of app-area-specific vocabularies and 
app-specific xml files, like xslt files for the xml files in sets, 
would be a terrific resource we could all tap. This verges on the 
kinds of registries we might want to encourage as part of our next 
round of work, too.


At 6:32 AM -0500 4/3/04, Walid Ramadan wrote:
>I would be interested in the same. So please make such information 
>is available to the entire membership.
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>	From: Kon Wilms [mailto:kon.wilms@ndsamericas.com]
>	Sent: Sat 4/3/2004 1:50 AM
>	To: Emergency TC
>	Cc:
>	Subject: [emergency] CAP Files wanted
>	All,
>	I am looking for a collection of CAP XML files from as many sources as
>	possible for testing a CAP visual information modelling 
>application, and CAP
>	aggregation watchdog. If anyone has some, could you send them 
>my way? The
>	more the merrier...
>	Cheers
>	Kon
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