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Subject: Re: [emergency] Talking Point re CAP and CEA "Public Alert"

What do y'all think about adding this as a short sidebar in the newsletter?


At 2:08 PM -0700 4/7/04, Art Botterell wrote:
>Friends -
>As we introduce CAP, questions may come up about how CAP relates to 
>the Consumer Electronic Association's "Public Alert" specification 
>released last year.  If I may suggest a few basic talking points:
>1) The CEA spec describes one particular warning system... 
>basically, Weather Radio receivers embedded within various consumer 
>devices. CAP provides a general data format that can be used to 
>coordinate and integrate many different kinds of alerting systems.
>2) CEA and PPW coordinated early on to make sure that CAP would be 
>fully compatible with the CEA spec as well as the EAS and Weather 
>Radio specifications that "Public Alert" extends.
>3) The more detailed data in the CAP format allows greater 
>flexibility, more precise targeting and better customized messaging 
>to special-needs audiences than previous alerting specifications... 
>in anticipation that future alerting technologies will be even more 
>capable than current ones.
>4) In the near term, CAP will most frequently be used mostly in 
>warning control systems to coordinate the activation of a wide range 
>of systems:  "Public Alert," EAS, sirens, selective telephone 
>notification, wireless messaging, etc.  (It may be that some 
>end-user or "consumer" alerting products will use CAP internally, 
>but those internal details won't be apparent to the end-user 
>anyway.)  And CAP has other applications within emergency 
>information management systems that don't directly involve public 
>5) Bottom line is that CAP and "Public Alert" fit perfectly together 
>in an overall architecture for effective public alerting and 
>emergency information.
>Hope you find this useful should the question come up.
>- Art
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