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Subject: Re: [emergency] Talking Point re CAP and CEA "Public Alert"

> Get your point, but I think that may be putting the shoe on the wrong
> foot.  We're the new guys on the block, and we're taken pains to be
> compatible with the old established systems.  We can hope to see a

Indeed, which is precisely why a huge chunk of our system is aggregation
services and re-formatters, paired with evangelizing CAP as a 'service
replacement' or 'service enhancement' depending on who one is talking to. I
don't believe that replacing services in the EM community can be done by
stepping on people's toes. EAS, NWS and other services have a deep-set
following -- the only solution is to enhance and evangelize, and let things
take their course until the other side makes a decision.

CAP has a lot of possibilities, and anything can be reformatted to work with
it to a lesser or greater extent. But IMHO we shouldn't be over-confident
that stuff works with it when it really only works in a limited fashion. If
we do that and people latch on to it, it begins to look like marketing hype.
And even a little of that can destroy credibility.


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