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Subject: RE: [emergency] Talking Point re CAP and CEA "Public Alert"

Art Botterell wrote:
> Bob, do any of us really have time to split hairs 
> about the word "compatible" in this context?
	If we don't have time for the truth, what do we have time for?
Clearly, if I didn't think my point had merit, I never would have made
the initial comment and request for information concerning what was
meant by "compatible." Clearly, your earlier comments indicate that
CAP is, in fact, *not compatible* with these other systems even though
with some degree of additional work, the various system can be made to
	Personally, I believe that the normal listener will perceive
the word "compatible" as one that indicates *actual* compatibility
rather than *potential* compatibility... Thus, I continue to hold that
the use of the word is inappropriate in this context. I do not see
this as splitting hairs.

> The folks at the Weather Service, the folks at 
> the FCC and the folks at CEA have all expressed 
> satisfaction that CAP is compatible with ...
	These "testimonials" are no more convincing than a late-night
TV commercial filled with  "testimony" that some miracle herb cures
cancer or that spot weight reduction from a ThighMaster is possible.
(Much medical research shows that spot weight reduction is not

> Of course, if you aren't comfortable using the word, 
> you don't have to.  And if you'd like to offer a 
> suggestion of a better word, feel free.
	It is you, not I, who wishes to make claims comparing the
various systems. Thus you cannot push to me your responsibility for
crafting your message. I have, I believe, clearly shown that the word
you are using is inappropriate, misleading, and not truthful. It is up
to you to decide if you will continue to use it or if you will use
language which is more truthful. 
	I encourage the TC itself to avoid the use of this word
"compatible", without proper qualifiers, in any communications which
can be attributed to it or its members. I fear that the TC's utility
could be severely compromised if it gains a reputation for overstating
the qualities or promise of CAP.

		bob wyman

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