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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Talking Point re CAP and CEA "Public Alert"

+1 from me on this as well.

Compatible, in the world of software/hardware development, and  
therefore the standardization of XML schemas/structures has a very  
specific meaning. And while it may be tempting to use words incorrectly  
(ie: definition that is different for a different industry), we must  
avoid doing this. We are not building standards for first responders,  
etc. - we are building standards for people who build products for  
first responders, etc., therefore the terminology used must appropriate  
for these people.

On Apr 10, 2004, at 5:04 PM, Bob Wyman wrote:

> Art Botterell wrote:
>> Bob, do any of us really have time to split hairs
>> about the word "compatible" in this context?
> 	If we don't have time for the truth, what do we have time for?
> Clearly, if I didn't think my point had merit, I never would have made
> the initial comment and request for information concerning what was
> meant by "compatible." Clearly, your earlier comments indicate that
> CAP is, in fact, *not compatible* with these other systems even though
> with some degree of additional work, the various system can be made to
> interwork.
> 	Personally, I believe that the normal listener will perceive
> the word "compatible" as one that indicates *actual* compatibility
> rather than *potential* compatibility... Thus, I continue to hold that
> the use of the word is inappropriate in this context. I do not see
> this as splitting hairs.
>> The folks at the Weather Service, the folks at
>> the FCC and the folks at CEA have all expressed
>> satisfaction that CAP is compatible with ...
> 	These "testimonials" are no more convincing than a late-night
> TV commercial filled with  "testimony" that some miracle herb cures
> cancer or that spot weight reduction from a ThighMaster is possible.
> (Much medical research shows that spot weight reduction is not
> possible...)
>> Of course, if you aren't comfortable using the word,
>> you don't have to.  And if you'd like to offer a
>> suggestion of a better word, feel free.
> 	It is you, not I, who wishes to make claims comparing the
> various systems. Thus you cannot push to me your responsibility for
> crafting your message. I have, I believe, clearly shown that the word
> you are using is inappropriate, misleading, and not truthful. It is up
> to you to decide if you will continue to use it or if you will use
> language which is more truthful.
> 	I encourage the TC itself to avoid the use of this word
> "compatible", without proper qualifiers, in any communications which
> can be attributed to it or its members. I fear that the TC's utility
> could be severely compromised if it gains a reputation for overstating
> the qualities or promise of CAP.
> 		bob wyman
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R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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