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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 4/20 Con Call

Rob T. has sent us a second bridge number for today's call. USE THIS 

Dialin: 800-955-6371
Passcode: 208171

1. CAP Outreach (Rex): update regarding articles, press releases, etc.

2. CAP Implementer's Guide: while Rex has stood up to spearhead the is 
we need to identify some additional authors to contribute some content 
for the guide. At the very least, those that have implementations 
should submit any and all documentation (that they are allowed to) to 
Rex to get the writing started.

3. CAP 1.0 Issues: now that CAP 1.0 has been published as an OASIS 
Standard, we need to determine how we want to proceed with 
comments/issues. We can probably either set aside for a few months, 
while we a) rest and b) focus on Outreach/Implementer's Guides, or we 
can start going through in our calls. As Chair, I would probably 
recommend to wait at least a little while before we start hammer on 
this formally (but do encourage list discussions to continue), so that 
we can get the Implementer's Guide, articles, etc. out the door.

4. New Orleans Get Together: for those that are attending the Symposium 
in NO, recommendations on a place to get together are appreciated. 
Unfortunately I will not be able to attend 
but certainly think it is a good time to share some thoughts.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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