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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.04.20

1. CAP Outreach: Unable to followup on newsletter last week. Has not  
been published yet, but it will be published soon. Still coordinating  
with OASIS w/ CAP Press Release as well. Waiting for ETA on PR. Kon  
mentions there was a big FEMA/DHS demo yesterday. Art was there. Went  
well. Kon will write something up and sent to Rex. The XML eGov.org  
site that we can submit things to. Submit to Rex, who will facilitate.  
SUN is also donating hardware to the eGov TC for the pilot registry  

2. Rex asks for people to please send any notes, documentation, etc. -  
doesn't have to necessarily be in the outline provided.

Bob states that some of the issues he has with CAP could be handled in  
an Implementer's Guide. As an example, he brought up the <language> vs  
xml:lang discussion that started on the Public Comment list  
msg00018.html). At the same time, some of these could avoid the need to  
be handled in the Imp Guide by creating an errata document to correct  
the spec errors.

Rex comments that focusing, at least initially, the Imp Guide on the  
actually implementations we have now might allow us to have something  
out end of summer. But, at the same time we do need to handle the  

Kwasi asks Rex to provide a schedule on the Imp Guide feedback. Rex  
asks for feedback BY THE END OF JUNE, he felt like he could have a  
draft by mid-Sept. Thinking 25 page range maximum. Basically, depending  
on the quality of the content provided by the currently implementers,  
the timeline will change (shorter or longer). Implementers need to get  
their content into Rex's hands as soon as possible.

3. We have issues in a list now, so do we do it now or later. Bob  
mentions that it does "help" to address some of the things quickly.  
Maybe take a first pass to pull out the "easy" ones, and then a second  
pass later - once we have more time to discuss/debate. Concerns that  
errors can cause implementation headaches down the line if they are not  
addressed soon.

Rex proposes that we do a quick pass for JUST errata (errors) - we do  
this the next meeting. Then the following meeting we go through those  
and bring resolution to those items and post the errata.

4. Allen will send out a list of who was planning to attend, so those  
there can try to get together.

[Additional Items]
Tom mentions that the Global Justice XML is having a developer's  
training course May 11 - 13 - will send out the information, which will  
be forwarded to the TC.

R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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