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Subject: Re: [emergency] Groups - EMIFC - NEW STATEMENT OF GOALS AND CALL FOR MEMBERSHIP.doc uploaded

First, let me say that I LOVED this statement. I do have some comments,  
but I thought it was appropriately terse, efficient in its wording, and  
targeted well.

That being said, like any manifesto, it is probably important to  
quickly follow-up with a work product that is a direct reflection of  
this mission. In other words, you have described an automobile, so  
providing a model or picture of a specific car to further illustrate a  
reflection of that description only helps to bring an additional  
dimension of clarity to your cause. I personally feel some of the other  
work products the IF SC has put out is that illustration, so going back  
and putting in some key tie-in wording in those documents and maybe  
updating the IFSC Website can probably bring this full circle fast.

Anyway, just some thoughts. On to my comments…

Strategic Operating Context: one of my main (not personal mind you)  
gripes about the work of the TC to date, is that while many activities  
in the US Gov (NIMS, ICS, Enterprise Architecture, etc.) have brought  
awareness to the problems we are trying to tackle, these only represent  
part of the applicability of our work products. The whole world of  
business continuity, business process management, and the overall  
private sector seems to be avoided. While I understand it would be  
ignorant to ignore the hype/noise the US Gov is making, as it elevates  
the important of our work, I feel it is wrong to not elude to the  
greater problems we are trying to solve across both public and private  
sectors. As such, I would propose the following be added to end of this  
section of the document, after the bulleted list:

“Furthermore, the applicability of the Strategic Operating Context is  
also present outside of the immediate needs specified within the  
critical infrastructure components in NIMS. The private sector often  
faces business continuity issues that must be addressed or avoided.  
Their issues can send ripple effects beyond the impacted company into  
the very fabric of the world’s “operating” infrastructure. The  
disruption of a large financial organization, for instance, and touch  
and wreak havoc well beyond their immediate business into other  
organizations both in and out of the financial sector.”
Tactical Requirement: same comment here as the SOC mentioned above –  
feel an obligation to at least acknowledge the private sector  
challenges. While I wish I had a specific document/set of guidelines in  
mind, I do not. That being said, I am certain it would take little to  
no effort to find some kind of “disaster resilient guidelines” that  
focuses on ensuring interoperability during business continuity  
challenges document on the Web. Is there anyone in the TC that knows of  
any? Gary/Len/Rex/Bob, I was thinking one of you might given your  

Schematic Response: I would recommend you provide some clarity around  
the “…previous published work by the committee…” statement.  
Specifically, I would recommend you call out some specific work and  
also specify which committee you are referring to (ie: EM TC or IFSC).  
Maybe something like…

“…previously published work, such as but not limited to XXX, by the XXX  

And that is it. Beat up, slam around, and fire back as you see fit -  

On Apr 20, 2004, at 6:51 PM, rcarlton@consultrac.com wrote:

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