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emergency message

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Subject: TC Meeting Minutes 5-18-04

Title: TC Meeting Minutes 5-18-04
Here are the minutes for our last TC Meeting:

Minutes for OASIS Emergency Management TC Meeting 18 May 2004

Meeting Convened: 12:10 p.m. Eastern


Voting Members:
Carl Reed
Rob Torchon
Rex Brooks

Prospective Member:
Elyza Jones

Special Note: Due to circumstances, Rex Brooks chaired the meeting and because there was lack of a quorum, no specific decisions were possible beyond recommendations for specific measures and recommendations for items to be on the next TC Meeting Agenda. Those recommendations are recorded in the discussions within the minutes where they occurred.

This is the Agenda Allen posted:

1. CAP Outreach: update/call for help from Rex on the Imp Guide and any other opportunites.

2. CAP Errata Issues: per the minutes from the last meeting (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/emergency/200405/msg00001.html), we have identified Issue #'s 1, 2, 5, 8, and 9 out of the current list posted to the site. Bob, these were from you, so if you could take the lead and propose some solutions that would be great. If, for any reason, Bob is not on the call then we need to try and understand the issue and propose some solutions, or flag if there is not enough information to understand the situation. Most are straightforward though. And yes, I still need to update the spreadsheet with some missing items. I apologize - time has been tight the last two weeks and I just have not had a chance to get to it.

And that is it. Would be good to hear from some of the implementer's in the group on how/where they are using CAP, so we could post that information on the site and update the factsheet as well.

Old Business:

1. CAP Outreach: update/call for help from Rex on the Imp Guide and any other opportunities

    1a.  Rex Brooks announced that the Java Location Services Special CAP Newsletter edition is out at


Thanks to Christopher Lakey and Janine Hussey at Image Matters, LLC for providing the venue and services for making this effort possible and bringing it to completion. Thanks also to contributors, Art Botterell, Rex Brooks, Eliot Christian and Sikandra Christian, Carl Reed, Neil Bougeois and Gary Ham of DMIS and Ron Lake of Galdos Systems, Inc., (the only contributor not directly linked to this TC) for the fine efforts put forward for this issue of the newsletter.

This follows the official OASIS Press Release by a week, and provides us with supporting materials not only for our initial efforts at encouraging adoption, but also, by the inclusions of the article by Carl Reed and the prototype CRS and Units Registry, a springboard for one future follow-on effort.

      1b. Rex reported that he has not yet received any materials from developers on specific issues with implementing CAP, and asked for suggestions.

In the course of the discussion which followed two main suggestions emerged:
    * a specifc SC for the Implementation Guide
     * a regular forum or chatroom for developers to attend and discuss issues arising from implementation

Rex said that he would begin such efforts in the next Msg SC meeting since it falls within his action item and that due to some favorable coincidences, he will try, with Art's help, hopefully, to bring in at least one outside implementation group, the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services, whose manager, Elizabeth Klute provided one of the quotes used in the OASIS Press Release, along with another outside group developing a CAP implementation. Rob Torchon indicated that he thought this was a good idea, so it seems likely that some of E Team's CAP developers will be available. Elyza Jones, whose employer, Warning Systems makes Radio Tone Alert Radio Systems, represents another resource, which, along with Kon Wilms for Broadcast Television will assure that the Implementation Guide will apply to the range of media covered by CAP. Rex also said he would send out an email to likely candidates on this committee and outside this committee.

A subsidiary item for discussion was brought up in this context, that this group thought the TC ought to consider: a policy allowing non-TC members of companies that are OASIS members and who have a regular TC member representative to participate on subcommittees either in a proxy relationship to the company TC representative or simply as SC members not required to maintain full TC membership which represents an amount of company time and effort that seems less cost effective than it might be for member companies. It is noted that this issue has been raised in other TCs, and Rex has volunteered to make a liaison effort to gather support for such a policy and present it to OASIS through the chairs mailing list at a later date, probably in the fall of this year.

2. CAP Errata Issues: per the minutes from the last meeting

Because we did not have sufficient members who had attended the previous TC meeting at which the list of errata items was produced, and because we did not have a quorum, discussion was deferred.

New Business:

No new business items were added beyond recommending discussion on a CAP Developers' Forum and proxy membership for subcommittees.

Meeting adjourned: 12:40 p.m. Eastern.

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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