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emergency message

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Subject: RE: CAP Developers' Forum, reply requested

Thanks, Kon,

I look forward to kicking this off soon.


At 11:17 AM -0700 5/19/04, Kon Wilms wrote:
>  >First, I would appreciate it those of you who are willing to
>participate would reply, it would be helpful for me to use in the
>discussion we will have of this in next Tuesday's Messaging SC
>I'm in. My Yahoo IM is konfoo.
>I've attached a screenshot of the CAP client I'm developing (a picture
>speaks a thousand words). This is a broadcast client - all data is
>received without connecting back to a headend or retrieving data via the
>internet. The streaming video window is black since it is an overlay.
>Yes it *does* use the schema to parse data ;-) Some of the data is not
>CAP related, so please ignore.
>A few questions for other implementers:
>1. Is anyone else working on data visualization of mass amounts of CAP
>alerts (such as treemaps, hyperbolic graphs, spatial trees, or such)?
>2. I would be interested to hear from the GIS folks as to what formats
>they are using for vector data importing/plotting. If no-one is
>implementing GIS as part of an application, are there any guidelines for
>supporting GIS file formats in CAP reception/parsing (or do we need
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Rex Brooks
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