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emergency message

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Subject: RE: FW: [emergency] CAP Visualization (was RE: CAP Developers' Forum...)

> >1.  Are these real products or mockups?

Real products. This is our 4th iteration of broadcast client, the first
one was released somewhere around 1999. It was shown at NAB2004 -
receiving a live feed from KLVX (a local PBS station). We've done the
same setup the last 3 years, but this is the first implementation
directly supporting CAP. This system is running in San Diego, Nashville,
Washington DC, Las Vegas, and about 5 other areas. 

> >2.  Who would one contact to find out more about them?

You can email me offline. I've attempted to put details into this
message that other CAP folks may find interesting (I hope) ;).

> >3.  How would these work with a TV broadcast system?

This works with either an analog NTSC, or digital DTV system. For
analog, the spare VBI is used, yielding up to 144Kbits maximum bitrate.
For DTV, we can opportunistically use any left-over spectrum - anywhere
from a few hundred Kbits to the full 19.2Mbits. The headend stuffs the
IP packets into the VBI or MPEG transport, and a receiver board (PCI,
USB, or Ethernet) decapsulates the data. Metadata and error recovery
codes are sent along with the data to ensure it arrives in 1 piece, and
to also ensure that the receiver does not require a backchannel. Having
the packets as IP means that a local receiver can rebroadcast the data
on a local lan, allowing one receiver with antenna to feed dozens on tha
lan. There are other options for direct translation of CAP and injection
into a mux, but the standards have not been set in stone yet, so the
more 'raw' implementation is currently in limbo (this is the model where
the receiver is a digital set top box).

In essence a server sits at the station and injects data it aggregates
from the internet or EAS/other devices, and squirts it down to

Hope that helps..


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