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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] Identity and Authority ( was RE: CAP Visualization...)

We won't be duplicating work if our reasons for not specifying this 
was to allow time for these other specs to "bake" to the point where 
we can recommend them in general practice terms and perhaps specify 
them for particular application areas, such as using XACML for access 
control, SAML for general security and WSS for more specific web 
services security, along with the emerging federated certification 
authority for authentication of user identity. Then we have choices 
to make with regard to PKI and XML signature that we can recommend 
for electronic signing needs.

These specs have gotten to the point where these choices need to be 
made and a lot more experience gathered. I  am hoping to have a 
presentation from WSRP on security that I can refer our group to 
review next week. Would've been sooner, but the guy who put in the 
lion's share of the work was ill at the start of March during the 
last F2F for that TC, and we are only now getting to it. The good 
news is that it will be updated, hopefully, and there is a good 
chance that the tech notes for UDDI and ebXML Registry for WSRP will 
be ready soon, too.

While those are all issues that are somewhat particularized to WSRP, 
it is a large enough subset of web services to be valuable, although 
it would be expected for me to say that because I have worked on it 
from its inception. However, I suspect that the Portal model is very 
likely to be the one that shakes out as the dominant model for 
integrating corporate IT web use that survives the next winnowing.


At 4:46 PM -0700 5/20/04, Art Botterell wrote:
>At 4:30 PM -0700 5/20/04, Rex Brooks wrote:
>>We chose not to make these decisions in the spec, but ought we 
>>provide the reason why and suggest some best practices for various 
>>levels of trust and security in the implementation/implementor's 
>My question would be whether we might be duplicating work being done 
>in other TCs and other organizations?  Most of these issues are 
>universal in web services applications of all sorts and 
>telecommunications in general.
>- Art
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