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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Meeting Minutes: 2004.06.01

Hey Allen,
Ken Allen of the PPW - located at the Mitre building in McClean is willing 
to host the face to face meeting the afternoon of the 29th. Elysa

At 11:44 AM 6/1/04, R. Allen Wyke wrote:
>1. CAP Outreach:
>* Dev forum at OASIS is being created. This will create a space where 
>implementer's can collaborate, and the TC can observe/participate as they 
>see fit.
>* Allen and Rex are working on the Implementer's Guide. Hope to have a 
>stab at a first draft in the coming weeks, now that we are getting 
>material about how the various implementations are taking root.
>* Allen suggests that we may want to put together a CAP deck 
>(presentation). Rex seconds the idea/need. Rex is going to talk to Art 
>about using his deck. Allen will work on the template - Rex will start on 
>the content. Elysa mentioned that they had one Art had put together. Idea 
>is not to limit people to only using this deck, but rather have an 
>official deck that can act as a foundation/format for conveying the work 
>of the TC.
>2. CAP Errata: Allen posted a new version of the CAP 1.0 Issue List that 
>is the result of Public Comments on CAP since it was approved. There is a 
>total of 18 now. As it stands, we have identified 5 that are potential 
>errata candidates. Need to review Issues #13 - #18 to see if there are any 
>others. We will then take that bucket and start to address them as errata, 
>if they are in fact errata. Elysa will take on the ownership of seeing 
>this through. Allen will send email to her to help get started.
>3. F2F: Elysa mentions that PPW Summit is planned for June 28th w/ Board 
>meeting on the 29th. Possibily the afternoon of the 29th (1pm - 5pm) at 
>Battelle's office is where it could happen. Gary will check to see if he 
>can host. Kwasi could make it. Rex unable to make it. Tom could, but it is 
>a bad time for him with the 4th coming up - preparing. Will need to try 
>and arrange for a teleconference for those that could not make it. Tom 
>wants to bring NIJ member - Justice XML guy, who would join the TC before 
>hand. Tom will also look at the CapWIN facility. Mitre, who is hosting the 
>PPW Summit, may even allow us to use their facility.
>GROUP: would you be able to make this meeting? We realize it is only 4 
>weeks away, but it appears we have a good opportunity to do this on the 
>afternoon of the 29th. Please let me know, or suggest other alternatives.
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