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emergency message

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Subject: Reminder - Alerting Standards Working Group - Wednesday

Friends -

Just a reminder that the Partnership for Public Warning 
<http://www.ppw.us> is convening a working group on "Uniform 
Standards for Alerting" in a conference call tomorrow.  This will be 
an open "users' group" forum for discussion of real-world 
implementation issues surrounding the recently-adopted Common 
Alerting Protocol and other standards for alerting and public warning.

The conference call will begin at 1:30 pm Eastern time and last about 
an hour.  The call-in number is 1-858-300-3030 with an access code of 

The proposed agenda for tomorrow's call:

     1) Brief self-introductions all 'round.

     2) Structure - How much organization will this effort require, and
         what should it look like?

     3) Methods - What means of collaboration will work best?  Conference
         calls?  E-mail listserver?  Computer conferencing?   Local/regional
         meetings?  How much and how often?

     4) (if time permits) Issues - What are some immediate top-of-mind issues
         for the group?  Event categories?  Profiles for expressing SAME
         within CAP?  Others?

If you're unable to join the conference call, we've set up an email 
list... possibly temporary, depending on how the group wants to 
proceed... where you can stay posted on the group's activities: 

Looking forward to hearing from many of you tomorrow!

- Art

Art Botterell
Partnership for Public Warning

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