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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] F2F Update (post poned)

Looks like most will not be able to attend this and as such let's try  
to arrange another date a couple of months out - when people have  
enough time to plan. Will talk about it on the call next Tuesday.


On Jun 25, 2004, at 1:20 PM, R. Allen Wyke wrote:

> Hello gang. Got an email from Elysa this morning that Mitre will still  
> be able to host the afternoon of the 29th, but not the day of the  
> 30th. Gary does have a room at Battelle (in Stafford) for us on that  
> day, so we are covered as it comes to a place to meet. The next  
> question is, who can come? Not only do I want to waste anyone's time  
> who has to travel, but Mitre also requires the names of people in  
> advance.
> SO, if you are able to make a F2F next Tuesday (1pm - 5pm EST) and  
> Wednesday (9am - 4pm), I need you to let me know ASAP. Sorry for the  
> short notice, but we just got confirmation.
> Thanx - Allen
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> R. Allen Wyke
> Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC
> emergency-tc@earthlink.net
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