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emergency message

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Subject: Meeting Minutes: 2004.06.29

1. CAP Outreach: Allen asks if there are any comments on presentation. 
Kwasi mentions that it should include who is using CAP. Allen to send 
email to group with list of known implementations and request people to 
submit any others they know of. Gary mentions that Art's meeting had 
about 35 people on the call, so we know there are people implementing. 
Rex mentions adding Resources slide - pointing dev list, etc. - would 
also be useful. Use Future slide to further define how we are going to 
help propagate CAP 1.0.

2. CAP Errata: Elysa was unable to attend the meeting today. Will ask 
her to update the group via an email to the list.

3. Summer Schedule: Some concern about being able to make the meetings 
if they are only once a month - issue with maintaining 2 out of 3. 
After some discussion, we decided to stay with our current schedule. 

4. Gary attended a DHS meeting focused on EM needs. It included 
(forgive in advance misspelled names, departments/companies, titles, 
etc.) Chip Hinds of Disaster Management, Barry West (CIO FEMA), Dave 
Boyd, Dean Ross of HHS, Larry Skelly EPNR SMP???, Gary Watry Deputy to 
the Emergency Manager for the State of FL, representative of Fire 
Chief's, the guy who invented FRED (Maryland). David Aylward.

Purpose: What are the real requirements for DM to support NIMS.  They 
want to come up with some requirements to pass off to the EM TC. Tom M 
is going to look into this and try and to determine what is going on. 
Touchstone Consulting (Jennifer Jibert is running/organizing it) has 
the contract for doing this. Their #1 request was around the question 
of what does an EM Wrapper need to contain.

Allen comments on the concepts of WSDL and its purpose within Web 
Services. Specifically, the idea of us defining a set of standard 
functions/methods/interfaces, and then building profiles/"instances" in 
WSDL or whatever. Gary agrees - a "virtual WSDL". Along these lines, 
its probably time to outline a roadmap for the TC that would include 
such vision.

5. F2F: Some availability in mid-August. Gary offers Stafford. 
Identified 17/18 of August or 14/15 of Sept as possible dates. Will put 
up a ballot in Kavi to vote over the next week.

6. Kon brings up idea of an authentication registry - is now the time 
to talk about it more. Rex brings up that this might be a good way to 
help the IF SC to get rolling again - proposes that we punt that to 
that committee. Kon to post a message to the IF SC - Rex will respond 
to help kick things off.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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