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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 7/13 Call

1. CAP Outreach: have collected "who is using CAP" list based on 
original request 
and just uploaded second draft of Presentation that includes this 
slide. At this point the only things missing are the Examples and 
Future slide. Let's try to discuss these on the call to get out of the 

2. CAP 1.0 Errata: looking for update from Elysa on how this is going.

3. F2F: In my haste of leaving town the day after our last meeting and 
not returning until late last night, I completely forgot to post the 
voting Ballot to try and determine the next F2F meeting date. I 
apologize for this. I did just post it, however, so please be sure to 
vote this week on what days you can make, so we can start working on 
the agenda.

4. Demonstrations: as we have mentioned, we have tentatively agreed to 
try and got to XML 2004 in DC later this year 
Need someone in the group to spearhead this effort. Those of you with 
implementations are best equipped to help out here, as I am sure you 
already have at least some test scenarios defined and working. As such, 
taking one of these as a starting point and elaborating on it OR using 
a previously used one would work. Looking for a volunteer here.

Not a lot of activity on the list the last couple of weeks regarding 
the completion of the Presentation (Examples and Future slides), so 
let's please try to wrap these up. The sooner we take a few minutes to 
do so, the sooner we can publish the presentation and move on to more 
tangible tasks that bear fruit.


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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