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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] Re: DerefURI & final CAP spec

I just checked the Word file that was sent to Karl, since I was cc:ed  
on it, and was unable to find any reference to <derefUri>. I double  
checked the PDF that was reviewed and voted on by the OASIS membership,  
and it was the correct one - with the <derefUri> element. So basically,  
it looks like the right document, with <derefUri>, was ratified, but  
the wrong Word file was sent to Karl to PDF and post.

Karl: How should we handle?


On Jul 16, 2004, at 10:44 AM, Art Botterell wrote:

> OK, this is curious.  The spec we voted on had the <derefUri> item in  
> it, as did the Word document I sent to Karl Best on 4/8 for numbering  
> and posting to the website.  But you seem to be right, Kon... the  
> version that actually got posted doesn't have it.  Not sure how that  
> happened.
> - Art
> At 5:46 PM -0700 7/13/04, Kon Wilms wrote:
>> Hi Art,
>> I notice that the derefURI field that we put into the spec for
>> facilitating one-way broadcast is missing from the final CAP spec.
>> Do you have any idea why that is? Maybe I'm missing something...
>> Cheers
>> Kon
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