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emergency message

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Subject: Agenda: 7/27 Call

Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the call tomorrow due to a 
meeting I can not change. I have asked Rex to Chair the call and go 
over the following:

1. CAP Outreach: "final" CAP Presentation has been posted 
If all are in agreement, then let's make this official and make it 
available via the Web site to the general public.

2. CAP Errata: on our last call 
we went through Issues #13 - #18. There was a followup email regarding 
some potential clarification on Issue #14 
In the call tomorrow we need to a) determine if the suggested tweak to 
#14 is appropriate as errata, and b) begin the process of providing 
suggested changes for the Issues we have identified as errata.

Elysa, if you get a change before tomorrow, please send an email to the 
group listing out each of the items we have chosen as errata and start 
the dialog on suggesting language to address. We should be able to 
handle most of this in email.

3. F2F: voting for on the next F2F meeting is complete 
The F2F will be Sept 14 - 15 at Battelle's Stafford location (special 
thanx to Gary and DMIS for hosting). We need to start hammering out an 
agenda, so if there are suggestions please bring them to the call 
tomorrow. The Imp Guide and XML 2004 Demo are 2 big things that will 
involve quite a bit of time.

4. Published CAP 1.0 PDF: as most of you saw in the email 
it was brought to our attention that the PDF version of the spec on the 
site was not the final one that OASIS voted on. Minor mishap there, but 
rest assured we are working to resolve. Art is going send Karl that 
latest (Art - please post this to the Document repository while you are 
at it as well. Need to maintain list of revisions there in addition to 
PDFs) and he will PDF a new version to post.

And that should be it. Have a great call tomorrow!


R. Allen Wyke
Chair, OASIS Emergency Management TC

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