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emergency message

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Subject: RE: [emergency] OJP requirement to use the jxdm

Right.  My inquiry was to determine when coming from a requirement 
that cites JXDM, what governs CAP and to note the problem of record 
of authority citations that are not explicit enough to determine 
where conflicts are resolved.  If I were a television station attempting 
to procure a CAP compliant application, I might not care about JXDM. 
On the other hand, I might if a source of my CAP data is the local 
911 dispatch center directly or through an intermediary such as the 
local police department.  It is the overlaps in the information 
ecosystems that give us fits when procuring or implementing technologies.  
When someone uncovers an umbrella requirement such as that Gary 
noted, it turns into full blown apoplexy and someone finds me on 
the floor a day later.

Grant monies are just one way that federal power is exercised over 
local agencies. I won't get into Memoranda of Agreements 
that require new subsystems to be implemented. :-)


From: R. Allen Wyke [mailto:emergency-tc@earthlink.net]

On Jul 27, 2004, at 11:09 AM, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:

> So:
> Grant money requires JXDM compliance and CAP is not JXDM
> so compliance with JXDM is not required when implementing CAP?

Keep in mind that not all implementors implement CAP to try and get  
grant money - that is not the goal or objective of all implementations,  
nor the driver. In fact, I can definitively say that at least part of  
the motivation of why the TC was actually started and Chartered, since  
I wrote it, was due to the pressure to try and reduce the development  
time to interoperate with other systems and the costs associated with  
that - to positively impact the bottom-line of a software vendor in  
this space, while at the same time improving the solutions available  
that could help save lives and assets. Not to try and land grant money.

I realize that this was/is not the incentive for everyone and it may  
even currently be a minority in the membership today, but that view is  
in fact represented in the very document that started our existence and  
at least some % of the group today.

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