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Subject: WSRP Security Presentation and other Security Concerns

Title: WSRP Security Presentation and other Security Concerns
Hi Folks,

I'm busily clearing my decks to make way for a week of marathon WSRP meetings on top of everything else. So I finally got around to uploading the overview powerpoint presentation on web services security borrowed from the WSRP TC and below you will find a transcribed email message which describes how to access the recorded web conferencing version. It was presented in May to the WSRP Interfaces Subcommittee so it has that name with the date for the filename. It is an executable from Oracle and as mentioned, the first twenty minutes are largely blank since it was the first time this web presentation system was used in the subcommittee. The presentation is long so you might want to go do something else for fifteen minutes until it is ready to start.

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The document interfaces05_26_04.exe has been submitted by Michael Freedman (Michael.Freedman@oracle.com) to the WSRP Interfaces SC document repository.

Document Description:
Richard's presentation on WS-Security.  First 20 minutes are dead air.  I unfortunately don't know how to fast forward the presentation so you may need to start it and walk away for a while.

Download Document: 


I will be sending along another presentation after this week on "Leveraging the Web Services Security Stack." Also, I suggest reviewing the documents on the eXtensible Access Control ML, XACML, TC page


and I would also review the Security Assertions ML, SAML, set of documents from the Security Services TC (btw, SAML is a set of specs)


and, of course, Web Services Security 1.o (another set of specs)


That's enough for now, PKI, Digital Signatures and Encryption are included in some of these materials, but are specialized enough to require another study.

Lastly, as part of my own personal mission, I'll give y'all a heads up that sometime in the run up to XML 2004, like when I'm ready, I will be recruiting for the HumanMarkup TC to start work on the Human Profile and Preferences ML, after I get a decent handle on all this stuff, and the needs within the web services community for the kind of permissions and rights that need to be extended and harmonized not only for personalization, but for the EM community in the areas related to HIPAA for medical histories as well as legal concerns. It will be focusing of providing the kind of clearinghouse for individual human information that we discussed concerning a clearinghouse for eGov in various arenas, especially with regard to reconciling varous approachs to building  XML Schemata.

To support all that, I ran across an article this morning that relates to how that work can also be used for personalization:

Web Users Want Personalized Content
More than 80 percent of online consumers are interested in
personalization. According to a ChoiceStream survey,
consumer interest in personalized online content is strong
and the majority of them are willing to supply their
demographic and preference information in exchange.


Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request

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