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Subject: RE: Notes from 2004-8-43GIS SC Conference Carll

In attendance: Carl, Art, Rex, Tom, Eleanor
1. Short discussion on rights expression languages. This appears to be an increasingly important topic. There is applicability to CAP as a CAP message could be wrapped in a REL encoding package that expresses who and how a CAP message is to be used. Carl to distribute Geodata Alliance and FGDC related documents.
2. Discussion of DOJ JXDM and CAP implications. We also raised the question of whether there is anything in the DOJ work that has broader implications for the geospatial/mapping industry. Tom said he would check.
3.  Art briefed the group on the conceptual framework for the work we are doing.
4. Carl discussed some of the potentially synergistic work going on in the IETF. Carl took action to distribute references to relevant IETF draft RFC documents (Action completed).
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