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emergency message

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Subject: FCC was: Re: [emergency] IFSC was: RE: [emergency-msg] Any word fromJamie? Notes.

For some additional background -

The FCC has a council that has the specific goal of looking at broadcast 
emergency delivery - the MSRC (www.mediasecurity.org). Its digital 
subcommittee is the best place (or additional) to target a 'hello CAP 
exists' message. We've done this with a CAP demo for some of the members 
a year or two ago, but a combined effort would probably help more.

SCTE set SCTE-18 (noted in a IF msg) - the MSRC has been looking at 
using this format for digital alerting delivery.

What these two do gets punted downhill to bodies like the ATSC and SCTE, 
but sometimes also uphill. Members of the MSRC are already involved in 
emergency alerting using digital spectrum space, e.g. APTS.

As for cellular space, I'm not sure if anything besides SMS and MMS is 
being touted for notification (both of these are more than adequate to 
fullfill the small-form-factor screen dimensions, and both provide 
override capability (i.e. flash sms) to force message display on the 
user's phone). The CEASA (cellular eas association) was set up to look 
into this, but it seems they have disbanded. The delivery constructs for 
SMS and MMS (PDU data packets) are well defined.

As for EAS - it's 'security' is non-existent.


 >Don't know if you folks saw this bit of news/analysis but it was in
 >Homeland Security Monitor from Intellibridge - R
 >FCC Launches Review of Emergency Alert System

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