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Subject: Documents on Categorization of Government Information

The E-Government Act required the Office of Management and
Budget to establish the U.S. Federal Interagency Committee
on Government Information (ICGI). ICGI is required to make
recommendations by December 2004 concerning certain aspects
of government information management.

Two recent drafts have been posted at the ICGI Web site for
public comment: http://www.cio.gov/documents/ICGI.html#comment

One of the drafts defines requirements for enabling the
identification, categorization and consistent retrieval of
U.S. Federal Government information. It addresses: What
government information is categorizable? What are searchable
identifiers and how can they be applied to government
information? and, Why should Agencies and Departments apply

The other draft is a recommendation that builds on a
requirements document that was opened for public review in
February. This draft recommendation concerns how the U.S.
Federal Government should adopt a search service standard
to enhance interoperability among networked systems that
aid in the discovery of and access to government information.

Comments on both documents are due by September 27. Comments
should be sent to the editor addresses as indicated in each

Please share this note with other persons and discussions
interested in search interoperability, and please accept my
apologies if you receive this notice more than once.

Eliot Christian <echristi@usgs.gov>  

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