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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Conference Call 9-7-04 Agenda


As most of you know, Allen Wyke resigned as chair of the EM TC due to a 
change in responsibilities.  Thanks to the confidence of the TC, I am the 
new chair of the emergency management technical committee elected at the 
last conference call.  I have been a member of the group for a short while 
but am no stranger to Emergency Management - especially public warning and 
have also worked in standards development under IEEE in the past.  We have 
had a CAP implementation as demonstrated in the Global Homeland Security 
conference last fall, as well as numerous others since.  Please bare with 
me as I get on board with the duties as your chair.  You have all 
contributed much to the work of the organization, and I will do my best to 
do my part.

I am a bit late getting this agenda having been on travel and also getting 
up to speed on some of the protocol required by the OASIS 
Administration.  Below is an agenda for the call today:

1.  Roll call
2.  Nov 15 XML 2004 CAP Demonstration
3.  Nov 15 Face to Face
4.  TC Charter - Is a review in order now that CAP V1 is approved?
5.  EM TC Liaisons (Are these correct?):
	EM-SML Consortium (Matt Walton)
	DeoVRML (Rex Brooks)
	OASIS eGov TC (Eliot Christian)
	OASIS HumanML TC (Rex Brooks)
	OASIS Security JC (Rex Brooks)
	OASIS WAS TC (Jeremy Poteet)
	OASIS WSRP TC (Rex Brooks)
	OpenGIS (Carl Reed)
	PPW (Art Botterell)
6.  Subcommittee reports
7.  Other topics

Warm regards,
Elysa Jones, Chair - OASIS Emergency Management TC
256-880-8702 x102

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