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emergency message

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Subject: Minutes from 9/21/04 Meeting

The following are the draft minutes from the 9/21/04 meeting of the Emergency Management Technical Committee.

1.  Roll Call - the following were present on the call:
Art Botterell
Rex Brooks
Rich Carlton
Gary Hamm
Elysa Jones
Tom Merkle
Elenor Robinson
Rob Torchon
Walid Ramadan
A quorum was present.

2.  XML 2004 CAP Demonstration.  Rob reported that Matt Walton (EIC) was in favor of the demonstration.  The group agreed and Elysa will send notice to Dee Shur.  Rex suggested that we have a planning meeting in concert with the Collaboration Expedition Workshop at to be held at NSF in DC October 19.  Planning for the scenario can take place there.  We discussed developing an ongoing demonstration that could be reused.  Rex will send out details about the October 19 meeting.

3.  Face to Face Meetings.  We will plan to have a face to face meeting during the week of Nov 15-19 during the XML 2004 although details are not yet available.  We will also schedule a face to face during the OASIS Symposium in New Orleans the week of April 25-29.  Elysa will contact Jane Harnad with these requests.

4.  EM TC Charter.  We discussed the existing charter and the fact that the existing Statement of Purpose and Scope were basically correct but the deliverables were in dire need of an update.  Art is going to suggest some minor changes to the Statement and Scope as well as suggest a list of deliverables.  We agreed to be somewhat optimistic about what we can accomplish in the 2005 deliverables.  A brief discussion of what is envision ensued.  Rex moved and ? seconded that we start by creating a new version 1.1 of the standard incorporating all the resolutions to the errata issues.  The group agreed unanimously to this. 

5.  Errata.  Elysa presented that there are currently several issues that have been voted as errata, one more to be voted on and several more in discussion.  Art agreed to begin addressing these and will bring a couple to each conference call for final wording and a vote.  Elysa will send to Art current status.

6.  Subcommittee Reports.  The infrastructure SC is meeting regularly now, bi-weekly just before the regular TC meeting.  Elysa will add this to the calendar.  The GIS SC has not been very active this past week due to the travel of the co-chair.  They will be back on track next week with the conference call 9/28.  The message and notification SC has as their main work product - The CAP 1.0 Implementer's Guide.  This document has been drafted and is in need of input.  The SC is inviting participation from all developers with experience implementing CAP to join the conference call next week.  That call is on 9/28 at 12:00 EDT.  Details can be found on the TC web site.

7.  Implementer's Guide.  Status stated in summary reports above.

As before, please email me with any corrections or additions to these minutes.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones, Chair EM-TC
Warning Systems, Inc.

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