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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC XML-2004 Scenario Planning Meeting


There will be planning meeting in Washington DC October 19 of those 
interested in a CAP demonstration at the XML2004 conference.  This meeting 
will take the place of the bi-weekly EM-TC meeting.  We will meet for 
dinner and the meeting at 6:00pm at Yenching Palace on Connecticut Avenue 
<http://www.washingtonian.com/dining/Profiles/yenching.html>.  I hope many 
of you can attend.  Based on the information I have received, we should 
have a quorum of the voting members and may also be able to discuss the 
newly drafted charter if time allows.  The date and time for the CAP 
demonstration has been defined to be Nov 17 am.  Whether or not you will be 
able to attend the planning meeting, be sure and let me know if you would 
like to be part of the demonstration.  I am looking forward to meeting many 
of you face to face.
Elysa Jones, Chair

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