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emergency message

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Subject: Minutes for 11/2 EM-TC Conference Call

Please find the following minutes from the EM-TC conference call 11/2/04:

1.  Roll Call.  The following were present for the call:
Elenor Robinson
Tom Merkle
Kwasi Speede
Jerry Weltman
Gary Ham
Rex Brooks
Rob Torchon
Elysa Jones
Jack Fox
Michelle Raymond
Grant Roholt - invited by Gary Ham
A quorum was present
Minutes from the 10/5 meeting were approved by acclamation.

2.  XML 2004 demonstration.
Will be held 11/17, Wed morning starting at 8:00 and going until 12:00.  We are hoping to be able to get into the room the night before for setup.  Elysa will find out when the room will be available and inform participants.  Current participants are IEM, DMIS, Anteon, CapWIN, E-Team, and WSI.  We will plan to get together the night before around 6pm.  The presentation/demo will run every half hour beginning at 8:00am.  We may choose to exclude the 9 and 9:30 times due to keynote speakers.  The presentation will begin with power point slides with a CAP overview then two slides from each participant.  The first will be a company overview and the second slide will identify how they are playing in the scenario utilizing CAP.  Slides are to be provided to Rex by Friday and he will put them in a form for presentation.  The demo will follow where IEM will post a message to the DMIS server and the others will extract the post and play their parts.  The scenario will be centered about a real world chemical stockpile in Anniston, Alabama.  There will be time for questions after the demo and possibly time to run the demo a couple of times before the session is over.  Requirements for internet, 3 tables (each participant will have 1/2 table), class room style seating and projector for slide presentation will be arranged with OASIS.

3.  Face to face Nov 17 in DC (pm) after the interop demo.  The specific time and room is not defined.

4.  Charter.  Some discussion of the charter was had during the meeting.  Elysa will send a copy of the draft to Jamie to make sure we are in line with our scope.  Michelle had sent some suggested wording earlier about issues we had last time and will resend.  She also suggested that the charter have some specific identified way to influence the HSARPA type projects (BAAs) that come out with respect to standards and architecture studies.  She will start some discussion on the list to allow more comment.

5.  Subcommittee reports.  No subcommittee reports were given - see web site for minutes.

6.  The meeting was adjourned at 1:50pm Eastern Time

Please email me with any corrections/additions/deletions.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones
Chair EM-TC

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