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emergency message

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Subject: RE: item #2

Re: Concern about whether current spec is sufficient to ensure
uniqueness of messages. Read full post at

For the message id, "A number or string uniquely identifying this
message, assigned by the sender." For the sender id, "Identifies the
originator of this alert.Guaranteed by assigner to be unique globally;
e.g., may be based on an Internet domain name." Therefore, the
combination of these two must be globally unique.

Other issues mentioned in the full post,
include the temporial scope of the uniqueness.  This is not supported
in the spec.

I recommend:
  a)  we require the Message Id be unique within a Sender for all time.
  b)  we show that Sender ID can be either within a domain (such as
emergencytest.org ) or as an individual in a domain (such as
  c) we explicitly state that the fully unique id is a concat. of Msg
Id and Sender Id The extended message identifier(s) (in the form
identifier/ sender) of an earlier
message or messages referenced by this one.

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