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emergency message

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Subject: EM-TC Upcoming Activities

Hey folks,

We are less than a week away from our CAP Interoperability Demonstrations 
at the XML-2004 Conference (Nov 17, 8:00-12:00) and our face to face 
meeting that afternoon from 2:00-4:00.  If you are demonstrating, be sure 
to have tested your application on the live DMIS server, your slides to 
Rex, and your payment made to OASIS.  If you have any questions about these 
issues, please drop me a line.

The agenda for the face to face meeting is as follows:
1.  Roll Call
2.  Minutes from the last meeting
3.  Discuss/finalize new charter
4.  Discuss EDXL as possible TC effort
5.  Adjourn

The draft Charter and EDXL documentation can be found on the OASIS TC Web 
site, Documents,  Requirements folder.  We have had some discussion on the 
Charter already.  Those of you who had specific wording suggestions, please 
have those ready for discussing and incorporating into the document.

The EDXL documentation was handed off to me 11/10/04 by the Chairman of the 
Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC).  There is no reason to wait 
until next Wed to voice your opinion about EDXL.  It would be fine to get 
some discussion going on the list prior to the meeting to get a sense of 
where you stand.  Review the documents to determine if the effort falls 
within our charter and as a set of requirements to be considered by the TC 
as a possible near term work effort.

Please take the time to review the Charter and EDXL documents so that we 
can be efficient with our meeting time next week.  I look forward to seeing 
you all in DC.

Kind regards,
Elysa Jones,
Chair EM-TC

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