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emergency message

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Subject: Minutes of 11/30/04 EM-TC Conference Call

The minutes for the EM-TC conference call 11/30/04 are below.  Please send me any corrections/modifications/additions.

1.  Roll Call.
Art Botterell
Gary Ham
Kwasi Speede
Rex Brooks
Patti Aymond
Elenor Robinson
Rob Torchon
Elysa Jones

2.  Approve/Correct last meeting minutes.  One correction to the spelling of the name for Chris Branton of IEM.

3.  Charter changes.  Postponed due to required input from Michelle.  When we do get it posted, we will use KAVI for balloting.

4.  EDXL - 5.  Comments to be addressed for CAP 1.1 - Art is pressing on with CAP 1.1 to be complete by the end of the year.  Comments have been parsed out and information put out on the list.  We hope to have this activity wrapped up by the end of the year.

6.  Adjourn

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones
Chair EM-TC

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