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Subject: Minutes from the EDXL Work Plan Group - and call to participate

Dear EM-TC Members,   As discussed in our 11/30 conference call and addressed to all in the minutes of that call, a work plan group was formed to discuss how we would approach the EDXL issue.  That conference call took place on 12/2/04 and the minutes are below.  Please feel free to join the next call, Thursday 12/09/04 at the normal dial in number (877-302-3764 Code:  5565345).  Elysa

Minutes of the 12/02/04 Conference Call

As set up during the last EM-TC conference call (11/30) we had a conference call meeting of the EDXL Work Plan Group 12/2/04.  The call included Art Botterell, Rex Brooks, Tom Merkle, Paul Embley and Elysa Jones.  This purpose of the call was to address how the TC would address the EDXL work as well as other work identified on the 11/30 call.  The following was decided:

1.  The current efforts are defined to be: 2.  We decided that the first phase of this work would be done as a full TC.  That is, there will not be a subcommittee designated for any part identified above.  The existing subcommittees are doing useful work and should be left on track.  These issues are germane to the entire TC and certainly of interest.  We anticipate additional members joining to have a say in these standards and it seems best to keep all notes on the list open to all parties.

3.  The next call of this working group will be 12/9 at 1:00 EST.

4.  There was also some discussion about security and how it must be addressed.  We chose not to address it now but agree that it can't be ignored.  We will consider a recommendation down the road after doing a fair evaluation.

Respectfully submitted,
Elysa Jones
Chair EM-TC

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