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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] GJXDM vs EDXL Distribution isses

Hi Everyone,

On a personal note, the GJXDM practice is more like the way I 
normally work, in that it appears to start from a model and then 
builds the base or core set of functionality types and then puts 
those into a hierarchy that allows for an Object-Oriented descent of 
inheritance of properties from those core types. As with all things, 
there are pros and cons to hierarchical v. flat or horitzonatlly 
organized classes developed out of or into schemas. I think this 
needs to have some careful thought, especially from the Justice side 
of the picture since all it takes to invalidate a more or less 
monolithic system is just a few critical exceptions, which require 
the whole edifice to be reevaluated at the least and rebuilt at the 

We are far enough along now with both DON and DOJ schools that it is 
imperative that the overall guidelines for governmental practice in 
the US needs to be harmonized, no matter what it takes, and it also 
needs to be harmonized with the international community as well, or 
else our standards work is going to create more problems than it 
solves in pretty short order.

Do I have a solution? Nope, not yet. However, one thing that should 
be brought up at that meeting Jan. 7 is developing a best practice to 
sort out elements from the XSDs and identify when to use one over the 
other for specific purposes and issue guidelines for using namespace 
prefixes correctly so that none of the existing standards need be 
invalidated at this point. Then we need to find a way to get the 
standards-writers, like us, to agree on some basic core types, 
exactly like what the Core Data Types Focus Group appears to be aimed 
at doing--except that we in this TC need to take that out to the 
larger international community, i.e. W3C and ISO and IEEE, etc.

I believe the impetus is there, and some liaisons are already in 
place, but it aint gonna be easy.


At 9:34 AM -0500 12/29/04, Ham, Gary A wrote:
>The GJXDM subschema generator is up again today so I ran another
>difference against it
>EDXL Distribution has an element "eventType" that is type as an
>GJXDM has an Type "EventType" wich is a data type for multiple kinds of
>events and has the subelements of EventDate, EventDescriptionText,
>EventName, EventStatus, Event Time, and Event Type Text
>These are fundamentally different.  GJXDM uses Type in its naming
>conventions almost exclusively for organizing a data type and not for
>In general the GJXDM uses "code" for ennumerated value sets of all kinds
>and CategoryCode  or TypeCode for classification such as we have in
>EDXL.  This is true even if the code instances are complete words.
>To be GJXDM compliant we would probably have to change the "eventType"
>to something more akin to "EmergencyEventTypeCode"
>There is probably more of this to come. Your thoughts..............?
>Gary A. Ham
>Senior Research Scientist
>Battelle Memorial Institute
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>703-869-6241 (cell)
>"You would be surprised what you can accomplish when you do not care who
>gets the credit." - Harry S. Truman
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