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emergency message

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Subject: Re: [emergency] RE: Opportunity for CAP? State CIOs Plan System ToWarn Public Of Danger

>Meanwhile, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is in the midst of
>its Digital Emergency System pilot project. Reynold Hoover, director of
>the office of national security coordination, says FEMA is mandated by
>the Intelligence Reform Act to work with NASCIO to minimize duplicative
>"We're proposing that they become part of [our] pilot," which began in
>October and should end in March, Hoover says. FEMA is testing the
>practicality of using the digital signals of public TV stations as the
>conduit that would carry warnings to mobile phones, PDAs, satellite
>broadcasts, cable companies, and others. 

Not much to be concerned over if they join the FEMA test, since CAP is
already part of that.

Does anyone know what transports NASCIO is using?


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