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Subject: Re: [emergency] RE: Opportunity for CAP? State CIOs Plan System ToWarn Public Of Danger

On a tangent - while fear-mongering seems to be good for the business of
emergency alerting, I must point out:

If your chances are 1 in 200 of being hit by that tsunami (taking Rex'
example - the reality is much larger), chances are almost 5 to 20 times
times greater that you will:

1. get hit by a car
2. contract lung cancer
3. have a stroke
4. have a heart attack
5. contract hiv
6. simply expire from old age

Don't Panic. :)


On Mon, 2005-01-10 at 10:26 -0800, Rex Brooks wrote:
> Anyone else catch the History Channel program over the weekend on
> mega-tsunamis generated from volcanic island earthquake/eruption
> triggered landslide collapses that identify an active volcano in the
> Canary Islands as the most likely source of such for the next 200
> years or so? Very interesting for what research has discovered about
> how an event considerably larger than the Sumatra Quake Dec. 24, 2004
> could happen. The coastline most at rish up to 12 miles inland? The
> entire east oast of the U.S. Could the next eruption or as delayed the
> fifth eruption from now. Fascinating.
> Thanks, Carl, this is important in the window of opportunity we are in
> now.

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